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COMBAT - designed by Bob and a Green Beret buddy who went out and field tested the prototype in the jungles of West Los Angles. A totally nasty blade with a full length double grind for double edging. Cut for a double guard, has a tapered tang. Guard goes on from the back. 3/16 inch thick steel, 7 and 3/4 inches, tip to guard, 12 and 3/4" overall. Want it larger? Try the #76. Pardon the use of the word "Combat", but this one was named before the mass production guys started abusing the term. ATS-34. May also be ordered in 1/4", 440-C.

GOLD RUSH - a classic San Francisco dagger from the mid 1800s'. The guard slides on from the front, and we'd recommend a layered type to add interest. A full dress version would have a white handle. Ground as a double edged blade with the grind line straight, but off center. 3/16 inch thick steel, 5 and 3/4 inches, tip to guard notch, 10 and 3/8" overall. ATS 34, occasionally 440-C.

SHORT STUFF - a high tech, modern design boot knife that really locks into the hand. Knives of this type aren't intended to be held in a lot of different ways. Works well with either plain handles or a bolster. Ground for full double edge. 3/16" thick steel stock, 4 and 3/4 inches, tip to guard and 9 and 1/4" overall. If you'd like it smaller, go to #100. ATS 34, sometimes in 440-C.

WAR DAGGER - war is short for Warenski, who seems to have made this style dagger a standard pattern at every show. A classic, big blade that may be finished as plain or complex as one wishes. Works with any style from renaissance to fantasy to high art. We will special order this style in any length up to 30 inches overall. 1/4 inch thick steel, with 12 and 5/8 inches, tip to guard are the standard dimensions. 440 C

Muggers' Downfall
MUGGERS' DOWNFALL - a strong and dramatic push dagger designed to discourage just about any unwanted attention. Single edged so you can carry it in paranoid states. Can be finished with existing metal grip or with scales pinned on. Tang is not tapered. Pin holes are #30 for 1/8" pins. Now stocked in double edge too. Usually 1/4 inch thick steel, but also in 3/16 inch on occasion, 3 and inches of cutting edge and 6 and " overall. Order #56 by specifying which version, single or double, edge you want. 440C

Widowmaker WIDOWMAKER - a classy, small dagger designed for bolsters or a plain slab handle. We cut these from sturdy stock for strength. Works well as a functional boot knife or do it up as a letter opener. Finish one with bolsters, ivory scales and a satin finish for a fantastic looking blade! Has a tapered tang. Normally from 1/4" thick stock, 4 inch cutting edge and 9 inches overall. 440C

RONS' DAGGER PLUS - this is the old #62 pattern plus an inch and a half. We've had a lot of request for the #62, ( now discontinued) ground a little longer so here it is in the regular line. Has a tapered tang and longer handle to fit the blade proportions better. Made from 1/4 inch thick stock, 6 and 3/4 inches, tip to guard and 11 and " overall. 440C

TOOTHPICK - common sense had kept us from offering a pure toothpick, but Bob finally gave up and agreed to grind some. (He used to mumble the whole time he was working on one, but finally got the hang of it. He's slow, but gets it eventually.) Makes a nice companion piece for the #33 or #60. Really light and moves like a fencers' foil. When finishing this blade, you will notice that the grind angle changes as it gets to the tip, making it a lot stronger, a detail you will not find on any other kit toothpicks. Ground from 1/4" thick stock, 11 inches from guard to point. 440C

BOLSTER DAGGER - used to hate double edges, but they sell so good! A nice little dagger with plenty of space for generous sized front bolsters - great for engraving. Makes a dramatic little letter opener. From 1/4 inch thick steel stock and has a tapered tang, 4 and 5/8 inches of cutting edge and 9 and 1/4" overall. 440C

SWELL DAGGER - the "swell" refers to the flared center portion of the grip. We do not recommend trying to put a guard on this one. Very functional or very decorative, depends on your taste and social habits. Carefully double ground from stainless. Has a tapered tang and is from 1/4 inch thick stock, with 6 and 1/4 inches, tip to lugs and 10 and 7/8" overall. 440C

DIXON FIGHTER - a mean Loveless design named after the fellow who ordered the first one. Guard goes on from the front. If you want to pin this guard on, you'll have to order the blade soft in order to be able to drill it to fit the guard. Full length double edge ground, but does not have to be sharpened on top if you want to keep it less menacing. Tapered tang and cut from 3/16" thick steel stock, 6 and 1/4, tip to guard lugs, and 10 and 7/8" overall. ATS-34, heavy duty model in 1/4" 440-C.

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Blade Blank #76 - Big Bear as finished by Steven Sams

BIG BEAR - the ultimate fighter design from Riverside. About eight inches, doubled edged, tapered tang. From 1/4" thick steel stock, 8 and 7/8 inches, guard lugs to tip and 14 and 1/8" overall. Guard goes on from the front. Sub hilt slides on from below and should be 3/8 inch thick. Can be ordered without sub-hilt notch. To pin the front guard, order it soft. Needs a handle slab that is just slightly larger than our standard size. 440C

SLEEVE DAGGER - a hideout special designed for a concealed carry. The fellow who ordered the first one carried it in a forearm sheath. Ground triangular so it will lay flat more easily. Tip is slightly curved upward, so don't think it's warped when it arrives. Put a little teardrop shaped handle on one side of the flat tang and it's finished. 3/16 or 1/4" inch thick steel and 7 and 1/4" inches overall. 440C

LITTLE TOOTHPICK - a slab handled version of our #69, in a slightly smaller blade size. Tapered tang is standard. 1/4 inch thick steel stock, 8 and 7/8 inches, lugs to tip and 14" inches overall. ATS-34

O.S.S. - this is one scary knife. Saw the original in a display of WWII clandestine weapons and it gave me a chill! Full length double edge and very slender. Undoubtedly designed for puncturing dual truck tires with one easy thrust. I certainly can't think of any other legitimate use for it. Grip is plain and designed to be kept simple. Bolster holes are there, if you need them. Ground from 3/16 inch steel stock, ground 6 and 1/4 inches and 11 and 3/8" overall. ATS-34

BIG APPLE - A lot like the Loveless New York Special. Has a three finger grip. Excellent hide out or concealment type with self defense in mind. This has become our best selling blade, even before it appeared in the catalog. Made from 5/32" thick steel with 3 and 5/8 from tip to lugs and 7 and 3/8" overall. Provision for bolster, but looks great with just a slab handle. ATS-34

PRE-WAR DAGGER - funny how things change. Used to be you couldn't give away a stick tang dagger. Now everyone wants one. This was scaled down from the Warenski style blade. Makes a fine decorative dagger. Daggers aren't supposed to be working knives, are they? I know that I'd rather not live where they were. From 1/4 inch thick steel, 8 inches from guard to tip. 440-C

M. A. D. #1 - that stands for Martial Arts Dagger. This blade is as simple as we can make it, with a handle intended for cord wrapping. Also works with a slab covered handle. The shoulders you see at the front of the grip are filed true, for a guard, if you want to use one. May be finished as a double edge or leave the top edge dull. Made from 1/4 inch thick stock, 6 and 3/4 inches from guard notches to tip and 11 and " overall. 440-C steel. $36.50

M. A. D. #2 - this is the smaller version, better suited for concealment. Makes a fine pair with #108, or works alone. The extra handle holes are there on both versions in case you want to use slab handles and pin them. Very stout. We use 440-C steel, 1/4 inch thick, 4 and 3/8 inches of blade and 8 and " overall.




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