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FEATHER - A super-simple utility blade that is very practical and one of our most popular. Useful at the office, in the kitchen or in the field. Easy to finish. Deep finger cut eliminates the need for a guard and sets it apart from the ordinary. Made from 5/32 inch thick stock, 3 and 7/8 inch cutting edge, 8 and 3/8" overall. ATS-34, occasionally in 440-C

PACK ALONG - a small, leaf shaped blade designed to be finished with bare metal grips or wrapped with cord, although adding a slab handle is no problem. Needs no guard and has no tang taper. Grip or lashing holes are there if you need them. Out of 1/8" thick stock, 3 inches from tip to guard and 7 and 1/8" overall. If you plan not to use slabs on the handle, ask us to "break" the sharp corners of the tang for comfort. ATS-34

SUPER CHUBBY - contemporary design chubby pattern with a bit more character than the standard model. Comfortable grip and a generous choil cutout ahead of the guard lug lets you "choke-up" on the blade. Has a tapered tang and is 3/16" thick stock with 3 and 7/8 inches of cutting edge and 7 and 3/4" overall. ATS-34

JAYS' UTILITY - a pattern borrowed from one of our local makers. Very practical and useful for nearly any field or camp chores and small enough to carry legally in most urban areas. This model is ground from 1/8" thick stainless and doesn't have a tapered tang. Measures 3 inches on the cutting edge and 7 and " overall. The current version has a slightly wider grip than earlier models. ATS-34 or 440C

SORTA LIKE BOBS' - Bob Loveless, that is. He was kind enough to let us do several blades similar to his carefully designed styles. Ours are flat ground and not the precise masterpieces he produces, but will fit the hand and work in a manner very similar to his gentlemans' knife. Needs no guard and is ground from 5/32" thick stock, 3 inches of cutting edge and 7 and " overall. ATS-34

ANOTHER COPY - of the Loveless line. This time one of the larger working blades with style refined for the total utility. Bobs' designs have inspired the work of perhaps half the knife makers in the country. The other half didn't have the nerve to copy him. This is his straight hunter with tapered tang and ground from 3/16" thick stock, 3 and 3/4 inches of cutting edge and 8 and " overall. Needs no guard. ATS-34

DROP HUNTER - Bobs' ( Loveless ) classic design, the drop hunter with front mounted guard. Possibly the most copied knife in contemporary knife making. Tapered tang and is ground from 3/16" thick stock, 4 inches, tip to guard notch and 8 and 1/4" overall. ATS-34

DROP HUNTER II - The drop hunter in a version for the guard-less fans. Tapered tang and 3/16" thick steel stock, 3 and 3/8 inches of cutting edge and 8 and 5/8" overall. ATS-34

CLASSIC BOOT - a fairly innocent looking knife that can easily pass for a working blade but does excellent duty as a protection blade. Tapered tang, designed for bolsters and can also be fitted with a guard. False edge will not sharpen. Plenty of class for the fellow who wants to really dress one up! 5/32 inch thick steel stock, 3 and 3/4 inches of cutting edge and 8 and " overall. ATS-34 or 440-C

LUMS' BOOT - Borrowed this pattern from Bob Lum (great craftsman from Oregon). Designed for bolsters with a tapered tang. False edge won't sharpen. Handle shape makes a guard un-necessary, but it looks great with bolsters. Nice working knife, but there's something sort of tough about it too! Bob would prefer us to use a later version of the design that's a little straighter with a wider handle, but this one sold better in side by side testing. Cut from 3/16 inch thick stock, 4 inches of cutting edge and 8 and 3/4" overall. ATS-34




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