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COMBAT - designed by Bob and a Green Beret buddy who went out and field tested the prototype in the jungles of West Los Angles. A totally nasty blade with a full length double grind for double edging. Cut for a double guard, has a tapered tang. Guard goes on from the back. 3/16 inch thick steel, 7 and 3/4 inches, tip to guard, 12 and 3/4" overall. Want it larger? Try the #76. Pardon the use of the word "Combat", but this one was named before the mass production guys started abusing the term. ATS-34. May also be ordered in 1/4", 440-C.

GOLD RUSH - a classic San Francisco dagger from the mid 1800s'. The guard slides on from the front, and we'd recommend a layered type to add interest. A full dress version would have a white handle. Ground as a double edged blade with the grind line straight, but off center. 3/16 inch thick steel, 5 and 3/4 inches, tip to guard notch, 10 and 3/8" overall. ATS 34, occasionally 440-C.

NESMUK - Probably one of the greatest skinners ever developed. Ours is patterned after one produced about 1920 and has a 5/32" spine. Not designed for a guard, has a tapered tang. Holes are provided for bolsters and it will take a guard if you work at it. 4 inches of cutting edge and 8 and 5/8" overall. ATS-34

Monstermuk MONSTERMUK - large enough for a Mountain Man or serious chef and a darn fine camp - butcher knife. Not designed for a guard, has the standard tapered tang. 3/16 inch thick steel, 6 inches of cutting edge and 11 and 1/8" overall. Provision for bolsters. ATS-34 $37.95 20. STOUT ONE - fellows kept asking for a hunting bowie, so this is our new offering. Made from 3/16" thick steel, 6 inches, tip to guard. If the stick tang doesn't appeal to you, order the Stout One blade in combination with any slab handle from another pattern in our line. ATS 34

YALLER 'BAR - a mountain mans' grizzly fighter from the 1820 Sheffield pattern (Butcher) with a hand filed back.. Fine collectors blade. Fancy choil cut, (blade breaker) is standard but will vary slightly from blade to blade. Ground from 1/4" thick stock with 10 and 3/8 inches from tip to guard. Filing pattern on the spine varies with the mood of the nut at the file handle. 440C

SAND DUNE SPECIAL - We were going to call this the Desert Storm Special, but they were done before I could get the prototypes finished. Can't say I'm disappointed though. Has sort of a Persian feel to it that makes it interesting. There's quite a resemblance to one of the Hibben blade styles, but the design was arrived at independently. 1/4 inch thick, 10 and 3/8 inches from tip to guard. Have seen a few of these finished and they sure do look nice! See #101 for a shorter version. 440 C

CALIFORNIA EAGLE - a "gold rush" pattern and a popular bowie. Comes with a hand filed back that may vary slightly from the catalog sketch. Note the unusual grip angle that keeps the point high and on the centerline of the grip. From 1/4" stock and no lightweight! 10 and 1/4 inches, tip to guard and 15 and 3/8" overall. Handle is now longer and narrower to fit contemporary tastes and our standard handle blank size. (The antique pattern is English, with a shorter, wide grip designed to be held in a fist style hold.) Stick tang version available at no extra cost. 440C

WAR DAGGER - war is short for Warenski, who seems to have made this style dagger a standard pattern at every show. A classic, big blade that may be finished as plain or complex as one wishes. Works with any style from renaissance to fantasy to high art. We will special order this style in any length up to 30 inches overall. 1/4 inch thick steel, with 12 and 5/8 inches, tip to guard are the standard dimensions. 440 C

COUGAR CLAW - Wostenholm IXL type fighting knife, definitely not for the faint hearted. Fancy choil, originally a blade breaking device, is standard. Out of 1/4" thick stock with 9 and inches, tip to guard. 440C

THE ONE - our version of Resin Bowies' Louisiana made, double ground but single edged fighting blade. ( You can get a lot of discussion on which Bowie style is the real thing. We're not choosing sides, and have added another pattern later on.) Measures 9 and 1/8 inches, from tip to guard. Every bowie collection should have one. Ground from of 1/4" thick stock in 440-C.

CLASSIC - a late, Civil War period pattern, about 1865-70 with clean lines and a coffin grip. Very popular presentation piece, now made with a slightly longer grip for more comfort. Has a tapered tang and is from 1/4" thick stock, 8 inches from tip to guard and 13" overall. 440-C

MUSSO BOWIE - Joe Musso owns the original of this blade and has proven it to be historically significant. The shape was so unique that we had to include it in our offering. Makes quite an impressive display knife with about an acre of steel to polish. Remember, you may order these soft, do the polishing and return them for hardening later, at no extra cost, other than the shipping expense. 1/4 inch thick stock with 14 and 1/4 inches of blade. 440 C

S. E. B. - Stands for a respected law enforcement agency. One of their members invented this combination of the chute knife with a modified #94 (discontinued) handle. Bead blast the blade and cord wrap the grip for the simple approach, use bolsters and fine wood for the fancy end. From 1/4" thick steel and pretty stout with 5 and inches, tip to guard and 10 and " overall. It's tough enough to pry with, if you're careful not to use the very end of the tip, and has a no-nonsense look that's very appealing. If you do not cover the guard lugs with the handle material, you'll have to round the corners of them slightly for comfort. Covering the handle lugs requires a handle blank larger than our standard size. If you want to do a version with bolsters, be sure to special order one with holes drilled for them. 440 C

PLAIN EAGLE - lots of fellows like the California Eagle but not the complex finishing that the file cuts and grind line require. Here's a simpler version that takes less than half the time. It's also quite a bit lighter than the #29. Drilled #30 for 1/8" pins. Tapered tang. From 1/4" thick stock, 9 and 5/8 inches, tip to guard and 14 and 3/4" overall. Stick tang available at no extra cost, but a slight delay. 440C

'49ER - short, single edged, spear pointed. The sort of blade preferred during the gold rush days and a type made popular by San Francisco cutlers. Our version is with a stick tang but it may also be ordered with a coffin handle. 5/32 inch thick stock, 5 and inches from tip to guard. ATS-34, occasionally 440-C

HUNTERS' CLASSIC - Here's a pattern that's been around since 1880, a fine, small bowie for hunters or collectors. Takes a guard and is drilled for 1/8" pins. Ground from 3/16 inch thick stock, 6 and inches from tip to guard and 11" overall. Tapered tang. Has a narrow false edge, just in case we forget to show that on the drawing again. We are also playing with this pattern a bit, to make it a little narrower and more traditional. 3/16" ATS-34 standard, or special order heavy duty model in 440-C, 1/4" stock.

WostenholmBowie WOSTENHOLM BOWIE - from the Sheffield pattern of 1815-20, this dramatic bowie is an excellent collectors item. Unusually narrow point with saber grind and file decorated back. Design is for plain, stick tang. From 1/4" thick steel stock. 8 and 5/8 inches from point to guard and 11 and 3/4" overall. 440C

TEXAS BOWIE - in the classic Henry style ( I should be half as good as he was.) This bowie has a place in every collection. Properly finished, with the most exacting eye for perfection, it might even be mistaken for one of Eds'. Drilled #30 for 1/8" pins. Has a tapered tang. Proves that a Bowie doesn't have to be fancy to look great. Ground from 1/4" steel stock, 9 inches from guard to tip and 13 and 3/4" overall. 440C

TOOTHPICK - common sense had kept us from offering a pure toothpick, but Bob finally gave up and agreed to grind some. (He used to mumble the whole time he was working on one, but finally got the hang of it. He's slow, but gets it eventually.) Makes a nice companion piece for the #33 or #60. Really light and moves like a fencers' foil. When finishing this blade, you will notice that the grind angle changes as it gets to the tip, making it a lot stronger, a detail you will not find on any other kit toothpicks. Ground from 1/4" thick stock, 11 inches from guard to point. 440C

BIG BEAR - the ultimate fighter design from Riverside. About eight inches, doubled edged, tapered tang. From 1/4" thick steel stock, 8 and 7/8 inches, guard lugs to tip and 14 and 1/8" overall. Guard goes on from the front. Sub hilt slides on from below and should be 3/8 inch thick. Can be ordered without sub-hilt notch. To pin the front guard, order it soft. Needs a handle slab that is just slightly larger than our standard size. 440C

DROP HUNTER - Bobs' ( Loveless ) classic design, the drop hunter with front mounted guard. Possibly the most copied knife in contemporary knife making. Tapered tang and is ground from 3/16" thick stock, 4 inches, tip to guard notch and 8 and 1/4" overall. ATS-34

LUM TANTO - Well, if your going to swipe designs, get 'em all. Bob Lum makes this fantastic, modern, Americanized Tanto. Tapered tang and designed for bolsters. A few guys report that this one makes one heck of a fillet blade. We'll do these two patterns up as hard edged blades in 1050 steel, on special order. After grinding, the tips are usually a bit rounded, not exactly the straight line that the pattern shows. Made from 3/16" thick steel stock, 6 and 3/4 inches of cutting edge and 12 and 1/4" overall. ATS-34 or 440-C

IRON LADY - DESIGN CHANGE somebody had to offer the "movie monster" in kit form. This is a foot long, 2-1/2" top to bottom, 1/4 thick down the centerline, 15 inches overall. Top edge is tapered from 1/4" thick at the guard to 1/8" at the clip. The clip will sharpen to an axe edge. Weighs about a pound, a small hand axe! Not to be confused with the original Bowie knife, this pattern was created by a movie prop shop and has no historical precedent. 440C

TRADITIONAL TANTO - the purists version, straight "Vee" grind, curved tip, every feature correct, except of course, the modern steel we use. It does now have the peaked spine, where we had previously not offered that more authentic feature. Needs Japanese style handle but may have a slab handle on special order. Cut from 3/16" thick stock, 11 and 1/4 inches of cutting edge. ATS-34 or 1/4" 440-C

O.S.S. - this is one scary knife. Saw the original in a display of WWII clandestine weapons and it gave me a chill! Full length double edge and very slender. Undoubtedly designed for puncturing dual truck tires with one easy thrust. I certainly can't think of any other legitimate use for it. Grip is plain and designed to be kept simple. Bolster holes are there, if you need them. Ground from 3/16 inch steel stock, ground 6 and 1/4 inches and 11 and 3/8" overall. ATS-34

PRE-WAR DAGGER - funny how things change. Used to be you couldn't give away a stick tang dagger. Now everyone wants one. This was scaled down from the Warenski style blade. Makes a fine decorative dagger. Daggers aren't supposed to be working knives, are they? I know that I'd rather not live where they were. From 1/4 inch thick steel, 8 inches from guard to tip. 440-C
BIG HENRY, STICK - the original, rabbit tang version. Stick it into a stag handle and you have quite a classic. Ed used a rabbit style tang, sandwiching it between stag slabs. Cut out of 3/16 inch thick steel, 5 and inches from tip to guard. ATS 34

GOOD OLE' BLADE - everyone will recognize the origin of this one, and I'm not ashamed to borrow this style pattern since it's probably one of the most copied blades in history. Ours is just a hair wider than the classic original. 440-C, 1/4 inch thick steel stock with 7 inches from guard to tip.

TEXAS CAMP KNIFE - we were going to offer these years back, but thought they might be too big. All of the samples sold and we had guys asking for more, so now it's a standard. The top tapers just a little thinner at the tip and the main, bottom grind is twisted at the tip to carry the weight and strength closer to the tip. Really impressive when it's made up with a simple guard and a crown stag grip. Made from 1/4 inch thick stock, 11 and inches from tip to guard. 440-C.




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