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STOUT ONE - fellows kept asking for a hunting bowie, so this is our new offering. Made from 3/16" thick steel, 6 inches, tip to guard. If the stick tang doesn't appeal to you, order the Stout One blade in combination with any slab handle from another pattern in our line. ATS 34

MAGNUM - A larger version of the 20, but in 1/4 inch thick steel and two inches longer. Good as a working blade or a Western costume type. A good many of our bowies end up at Wild West shoots. 8 and 1/8 inches, tip to guard. 440 C


PACK ALONG - a small, leaf shaped blade designed to be finished with bare metal grips or wrapped with cord, although adding a slab handle is no problem. Needs no guard and has no tang taper. Grip or lashing holes are there if you need them. Out of 1/8" thick stock, 3 inches from tip to guard and 7 and 1/8" overall. If you plan not to use slabs on the handle, ask us to "break" the sharp corners of the tang for comfort. ATS-34

HUNTERS' CLASSIC - Here's a pattern that's been around since 1880, a fine, small bowie for hunters or collectors. Takes a guard and is drilled for 1/8" pins. Ground from 3/16 inch thick stock, 6 and inches from tip to guard and 11" overall. Tapered tang. Has a narrow false edge, just in case we forget to show that on the drawing again. We are also playing with this pattern a bit, to make it a little narrower and more traditional. 3/16" ATS-34 standard, or special order heavy duty model in 440-C, 1/4" stock.

DROP HUNTER - Bobs' ( Loveless ) classic design, the drop hunter with front mounted guard. Possibly the most copied knife in contemporary knife making. Tapered tang and is ground from 3/16" thick stock, 4 inches, tip to guard notch and 8 and 1/4" overall. ATS-34

THE CAPER-SKINNER - this blade might look a little odd with the bump up at the tip, but does it ever work nice! That little bump is rapidly becoming one of the most copied features of Loveless design. Tapered tang and 5/32" thick steel stock, 3 inches of cutting edge and 7 and 3/4" overall. ATS-34

BIG HENRY, STICK - the original, rabbit tang version. Stick it into a stag handle and you have quite a classic. Ed used a rabbit style tang, sandwiching it between stag slabs. Cut out of 3/16 inch thick steel, 5 and inches from tip to guard. ATS 34




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