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FEATHER - A super-simple utility blade that is very practical and one of our most popular. Useful at the office, in the kitchen or in the field. Easy to finish. Deep finger cut eliminates the need for a guard and sets it apart from the ordinary. Made from 5/32 inch thick stock, 3 and 7/8 inch cutting edge, 8 and 3/8" overall. ATS-34, occasionally in 440-C


BANANA - slender, but a surprisingly generous length knife that will fit well in the hand, no matter how you hold it. Use plain slab, or add guard or bolsters. If you want to add the guard, you'll need a dremel tool and cutoff wheels to make a notch for it to fit in. 5/32" thick stock, 4 and inches cutting edge, 9 and " overall. We're trying to offer more interesting options with some of these new patterns. ATS 34

SWAGBACK FILLET - a practical fish and camp blade with a grip designed for safe holding under wet conditions. 5/32 inch thick steel stock, 4 and inches cutting edge, 9 and " overall. The blade is not flexible, in fact, we go to extra effort to make the tip stronger. Needs no guard, has tapered tang. This is one of Bobs' first dozen patterns that has survived since we started in 1976. ATS-34

TANTILITY - a utility tanto blade, simple to polish and complete with a handle of wood, micarta or antler. 3/16 inch thick steel, 7 inches, tip to guard. We have not used a traditional Japanese tang on this blade because that style is difficult to fit with a handle. It has a blade and tang shape that will work well in a wooden sheath. 440 C or ATS 34


CHEFS' PARING - very modern styling for a practical, straight edged cooks' blade. Finish with bolsters or a plain handle. The crisply shaped end of the tang is not uncomfortable, once a set of handle slabs are installed. 5/32" thick stock, 5 inches cutting edge, 9 and " overall. If you would like a tip curved round to match the other two knives of this series, (16 and 17) order a 14-B. We will also make the abrupt ending of the tang into a smoothly curved pattern, if you prefer. ATS 34


CHEFS' CHOPPER - classic contemporary lines in a fine kitchen knife. Use a sharp ATS steel blade and you'll never be happy with anything else. Plenty of clearance for the knuckles, but watch out for the fingertips. Can also be done with a tip to match the number 14. Made from 3/16" thick stock, 7 inches cutting edge, 11 and 3/4" overall. Handle end is easily rounded if you prefer to order that way. ATS 34

Chefs' Slicer

CHEFS' SLICER - big enough to slice a roast ham at one stroke. Completes a handy set of three. 3/16" thick stock, 9 inches of cutting edge, 13 and 3/4" overall. Round end handle available. These are much easier to grind in the 3/16" steel than our others which are in 1/8 inch. ATS 34


NESMUK - Probably one of the greatest skinners ever developed. Ours is patterned after one produced about 1920 and has a 5/32" spine. Not designed for a guard, has a tapered tang. Holes are provided for bolsters and it will take a guard if you work at it. 4 inches of cutting edge and 8 and 5/8" overall. ATS-34

MONSTERMUK - large enough for a Mountain Man or serious chef and a darn fine camp - butcher knife. Not designed for a guard, has the standard tapered tang. 3/16 inch thick steel, 6 inches of cutting edge and 11 and 1/8" overall. Provision for bolsters. ATS-34 $37.95 20. STOUT ONE - fellows kept asking for a hunting bowie, so this is our new offering. Made from 3/16" thick steel, 6 inches, tip to guard. If the stick tang doesn't appeal to you, order the Stout One blade in combination with any slab handle from another pattern in our line. ATS 34




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