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Blade Blank #36 - Lum Tanto as finished by Steven Sams

LUM TANTO - Well, if your going to swipe designs, get 'em all. Bob Lum makes this fantastic, modern, Americanized Tanto. Tapered tang and designed for bolsters. A few guys report that this one makes one heck of a fillet blade. We'll do these two patterns up as hard edged blades in 1050 steel, on special order. After grinding, the tips are usually a bit rounded, not exactly the straight line that the pattern shows. Made from 3/16" thick steel stock, 6 and 3/4 inches of cutting edge and 12 and 1/4" overall. ATS-34 or 440-C

LITTLE LUM TANTO - more practical working size, and they make a nice matched pair. Tapered tang, cut from 3/16" thick stock and designed for bolsters with 4 and 3/4 inches of cutting edge and 9 and 7/8" overall. We will be happy to round the tip to a more traditional Japanese shape on either of these patterns. ATS-34 or 440-C

TRADITIONAL TANTO - the purists version, straight "Vee" grind, curved tip, every feature correct, except of course, the modern steel we use. It does now have the peaked spine, where we had previously not offered that more authentic feature. Needs Japanese style handle but may have a slab handle on special order. Cut from 3/16" thick stock, 11 and 1/4 inches of cutting edge. ATS-34 or 1/4" 440-C

NEW TANTO - a very simple tanto for the martial arts practitioner. The grip may simply be cord wrapped, or you can use the additional holes to put on a slab handle. Does not take a guard but the front of the handle has been filed true, just in case you want to add one. Price is for the standard version in the length drawn. We can provide this model with blade lengths up to 14 inches long for bamboo cutting, or covering the elbow, on special order. Ground from 3/16 inch thick steel stock, 7 and 1/8 inches from handle notches to tip and 11 and 1/8" overall. ATS 34 steel.

M. A. S. - Martial arts sword, about twenty inches of blade and a two handed grip that may be wrapped in traditional Japanese fashion, or done like a modern custom knife, 29 and 3/4 inches overall. Slight curvature makes it easier and quicker to draw and the built in guard make it a practical item that doesn't need a lot of expensive parts to finish. Spine is tapered, then flares thick at the tip and the back has the traditional peaked shape. Slightly tapered tang that is large enough for a solid, two hand grip. Balance is wonderful with the weight centering about an inch and a half ahead of the guard lugs! May be special ordered without the guard lugs if you want a version that will take a tsuba. From 1/4" thick steel. 440C

M. A. T. - Here's the matching tanto to make a complete set of Japanese flavored, martial arts blades. The spine is ground narrower towards the tip, then flares where the grind line meets the spine. The extra weight at the tip gives it an incredible chopping cut. We had to taper the tang a bit to make it balance right, otherwise, it matches the 112. These sell like crazy, so stock is usually light. Made from 1/4 inch thick steel stock with 13 inches, tip to guard lugs and 20 and � inches overall. 440-C




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