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FEATHER - A super-simple utility blade that is very practical and one of our most popular. Useful at the office, in the kitchen or in the field. Easy to finish. Deep finger cut eliminates the need for a guard and sets it apart from the ordinary. Made from 5/32 inch thick stock, 3 and 7/8 inch cutting edge, 8 and 3/8" overall. ATS-34, occasionally in 440-C

BIG HENRY - The classic working blade. Our slab handle duplicates what Ed did with his stag shape when finishing the grip. It's hard to find stag like that now. 3/16" thick steel stock, 5 and inches, tip to guard, 10 and 1/8" overall. ATS-34

LI'L HENRY - a slightly smaller version of the classic. Scaled in size to fit in the current idea of a utility knife. 3/16" inch thick stock, 4 and 5/8 inches, tip to guard, 9 and 1/8" overall. If you prefer the stick tang version, see #105. ATS-34

BANANA - slender, but a surprisingly generous length knife that will fit well in the hand, no matter how you hold it. Use plain slab, or add guard or bolsters. If you want to add the guard, you'll need a dremel tool and cutoff wheels to make a notch for it to fit in. 5/32" thick stock, 4 and inches cutting edge, 9 and " overall. We're trying to offer more interesting options with some of these new patterns. ATS-34

SWAGBACK FILLET - a practical fish and camp blade with a grip designed for safe holding under wet conditions. 5/32 inch thick steel stock, 4 and inches cutting edge, 9 and " overall. The blade is not flexible, in fact, we go to extra effort to make the tip stronger. Needs no guard, has tapered tang. This is one of Bobs' first dozen patterns that has survived since we started in 1976. ATS-34

CHUBBY - this homely little thing is one of our best sellers! Originally designed to use up those little bar ends that were too short for a regular knife. 3/16 inch thick steel, 2 and 7/8 inches cutting edge, 7 and 1/8" overall. Easy to build and great to use. Needs no guard, has a tapered tang. The small end on the grip fits the heel of the hand without irritation, so you will find it comfortable for hours of use. ATS-34

CHUTE KNIFE - The classic Loveless. A short, tough looking knife for general use. Clip is sharpenable. Tapered tang, front mounted guard and ground from 3/16" thick stock, 5 inches from guard notches to tip and 9 and 1/4" overall. Longer versions available on special order. ATS-34

TANTILITY - a utility tanto blade, simple to polish and complete with a handle of wood, micarta or antler. 3/16 inch thick steel, 7 inches, tip to guard. We have not used a traditional Japanese tang on this blade because that style is difficult to fit with a handle. It has a blade and tang shape that will work well in a wooden sheath. 440 C or ATS 34

COMPANION BOWIE - a small, stark bowie design that finishes into a beautiful little belt knife. Rather finely drawn in the point but plenty functional and quite dramatic looking. Bob now uses a twist on the grind to make the tip thicker and tougher. Ground from 3/16" thick steel, 4 and 3/4 inches, tip to guard. ATS-34

CHEFS' PARING - very modern styling for a practical, straight edged cooks' blade. Finish with bolsters or a plain handle. The crisply shaped end of the tang is not uncomfortable, once a set of handle slabs are installed. 5/32" thick stock, 5 inches cutting edge, 9 and " overall. If you would like a tip curved round to match the other two knives of this series, (16 and 17) order a 14-B. We will also make the abrupt ending of the tang into a smoothly curved pattern, if you prefer. ATS 34

LIL' BIRD - a modern utility blade with sleek styling inspired by a George Herron blade we saw about fifteen years ago. It still looks good! Can be done plain or with front bolsters. 5/32" thick stock, 3 and inches, tip to guard, 8 and 3/8" overall. ATS 34

WASP - narrow in the center and stings on the end. Ground as a single edge blade, drilled for bolsters. Makes an interesting costume item and a great letter opener. 5/32 inch thick steel, 5 inch blade and 9 and " overall. ATS-34

S. F. BOOT - we stole this idea from a really slick folder and modified it to what you see. Has a gold rush flavor with mod/tech overtones. Can be done either plain or fancy. There are holes for both front and rear bolsters. Made from 3/16 inch thick stock, 5 inches from tip to guard, 9 and " overall. ATS 34

PACK ALONG - a small, leaf shaped blade designed to be finished with bare metal grips or wrapped with cord, although adding a slab handle is no problem. Needs no guard and has no tang taper. Grip or lashing holes are there if you need them. Out of 1/8" thick stock, 3 inches from tip to guard and 7 and 1/8" overall. If you plan not to use slabs on the handle, ask us to "break" the sharp corners of the tang for comfort. ATS-34

MOUSE CLIPPER - tiny but potent and useful just about everywhere. The more you try the small grip, the more you like it! 1/8" thick stock, 3 and inches, tip to guard lug and 7 and 3/4" overall. ATS-34, sometimes in ATS-34

FOXY - small but boldly styled, comfortable and very practical as a working knife. Very dramatic profile. Takes a guard and has a straight tang. Lots of detail for a small knife in 5/32" thick stock, tapered tang, 3 and 3/8 inches, tip to guard and 7 and 3/4" overall. It is important to remember that blades of this style do not have unbreakable tips. ATS-34

CAMP KING - full sized, trailing point style for field or camp use with a very modern grip and professional tip. Tapered tang with guard lug and pin holes. 3/16 inch thick steel stock, 4 and inches from tip to guard and 9 and 1/4" overall. ATS-34

SUPER CHUBBY - contemporary design chubby pattern with a bit more character than the standard model. Comfortable grip and a generous choil cutout ahead of the guard lug lets you "choke-up" on the blade. Has a tapered tang and is 3/16" thick stock with 3 and 7/8 inches of cutting edge and 7 and 3/4" overall. ATS-34

'49ER - short, single edged, spear pointed. The sort of blade preferred during the gold rush days and a type made popular by San Francisco cutlers. Our version is with a stick tang but it may also be ordered with a coffin handle. 5/32 inch thick stock, 5 and inches from tip to guard. ATS-34, occasionally 440-C

HUNTERS' CLASSIC - Here's a pattern that's been around since 1880, a fine, small bowie for hunters or collectors. Takes a guard and is drilled for 1/8" pins. Ground from 3/16 inch thick stock, 6 and inches from tip to guard and 11" overall. Tapered tang. Has a narrow false edge, just in case we forget to show that on the drawing again. We are also playing with this pattern a bit, to make it a little narrower and more traditional. 3/16" ATS-34 standard, or special order heavy duty model in 440-C, 1/4" stock.

JAYS' UTILITY - a pattern borrowed from one of our local makers. Very practical and useful for nearly any field or camp chores and small enough to carry legally in most urban areas. This model is ground from 1/8" thick stainless and doesn't have a tapered tang. Measures 3 inches on the cutting edge and 7 and " overall. The current version has a slightly wider grip than earlier models. ATS-34 or 440C

SORTA LIKE BOBS' - Bob Loveless, that is. He was kind enough to let us do several blades similar to his carefully designed styles. Ours are flat ground and not the precise masterpieces he produces, but will fit the hand and work in a manner very similar to his gentlemans' knife. Needs no guard and is ground from 5/32" thick stock, 3 inches of cutting edge and 7 and " overall. ATS-34

ANOTHER COPY - of the Loveless line. This time one of the larger working blades with style refined for the total utility. Bobs' designs have inspired the work of perhaps half the knife makers in the country. The other half didn't have the nerve to copy him. This is his straight hunter with tapered tang and ground from 3/16" thick stock, 3 and 3/4 inches of cutting edge and 8 and " overall. Needs no guard. ATS-34

THE UTILITY - A Loveless 4" utility improved, tapered tang with a classic shape created by the clip at the tip of the blade. Simple but virtually perfect with the entire pattern devoted to being a utilitarian knife. Cut from 3/16" thick stock, 3 and 3/4 inches, guard notch to tip and 8 and 3/4" overall. No provision for guard, but may be ordered with a #79 type grip if you prefer it with a guard. ATS-34

5" UTILITY - the 5" version of the utility, improved. An elemental design combining the traditional, clipped tip and the Loveless touch. Cut from 3/16 inch thick steel, 4 and 8/8 inches of cutting edge and 10" inches overall. No guard. ATS-34

DROP HUNTER - Bobs' ( Loveless ) classic design, the drop hunter with front mounted guard. Possibly the most copied knife in contemporary knife making. Tapered tang and is ground from 3/16" thick stock, 4 inches, tip to guard notch and 8 and 1/4" overall. ATS-34

DROP HUNTER II - The drop hunter in a version for the guard-less fans. Tapered tang and 3/16" thick steel stock, 3 and 3/8 inches of cutting edge and 8 and 5/8" overall. ATS-34

CLASSIC BOOT - a fairly innocent looking knife that can easily pass for a working blade but does excellent duty as a protection blade. Tapered tang, designed for bolsters and can also be fitted with a guard. False edge will not sharpen. Plenty of class for the fellow who wants to really dress one up! 5/32 inch thick steel stock, 3 and 3/4 inches of cutting edge and 8 and " overall. ATS-34 or 440-C

SHARPIE ONE - A trim little pattern with the focus of design on the taper of the blade to a fine point. It's stout, practical and especially easy to finish for a stick tanged knife. The curved cut at the lower back of the blade acts as a guard, so all you need at the front of the handle is some sort of a metal or micarta "washer" to finish and seal there. Works well as a caper, and you'd best not let your cook get hold of it, or it'll be in the kitchen forever. 4 and 3/8 inches from guard to tip. Ground from ATS 34 or 440-C.

SHARPIE TWO - Where number one was a cute little pattern, number two has a visible amount of muscle, even at first glance. It's large enough to work as a camp knife, a big game utility, or if your wife gets hold of it, in the kitchen. The rounded cut at the butt end of the blade makes a foolproof finger guard, and no traditional guard, projecting downward, is needed. Excellent with a stag grip. 6 inches from guard to tip. Made from 440 C steel.

BIG HENRY, STICK - the original, rabbit tang version. Stick it into a stag handle and you have quite a classic. Ed used a rabbit style tang, sandwiching it between stag slabs. Cut out of 3/16 inch thick steel, 5 and inches from tip to guard. ATS-34

SHARK - I can't explain this one. There was some remnant steel around that got made into six of these, and they sold so fast that I didn't get a pattern. Took a couple months to figure it out again. The rear section is ground like an axe, very heavy, and the front part is more like a razor. Lets you use it several different ways, and is unique enough to stop traffic. Why shouldn't we have a dramatic one? Actually, a good working blade. Made from 1/4 inch thick steel with 6 and inches of cutting edge. 440-C

TEXAS CAMP KNIFE - we were going to offer these years back, but thought they might be too big. All of the samples sold and we had guys asking for more, so now it's a standard. The top tapers just a little thinner at the tip and the main, bottom grind is twisted at the tip to carry the weight and strength closer to the tip. Really impressive when it's made up with a simple guard and a crown stag grip. Made from 1/4 inch thick stock, 11 and inches from tip to guard. 440-C.

NEW TANTO - a very simple tanto for the martial arts practitioner. The grip may simply be cord wrapped, or you can use the additional holes to put on a slab handle. Does not take a guard but the front of the handle has been filed true, just in case you want to add one. Price is for the standard version in the length drawn. We can provide this model with blade lengths up to 14 inches long for bamboo cutting, or covering the elbow, on special order. Ground from 3/16 inch thick steel stock, 7 and 1/8 inches from handle notches to tip and 11 and 1/8" overall. ATS 34 steel.




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